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Marriage Certificate is one of the most important, and rather, only legal document to verify a marriage as per legal norms worldwide. For in India, so many people get married through religious ceremonies without legally filing for a certificate of marriage and later get caught up in cases of fraud, dowry, harassment, and denial of any marital relationships from partners; it becomes more important to gain access to a legally authorising document that verifies your marriage in the Court of law.

While those where some nitty-gritties of why marriage certificates are so important a document to obtain, let us get to the part of how you can obtain or get registered to obtain a Marriage Certificate in Thane, under the various marriage acts in the court of law.

  • The first and foremost way to obtain a Marriage Certificate is through registration for Court Marriage in the Indian Civil Court of law of your town/city/state. Court Marriages, have their own way of proceeding towards the attainment of a legal marriage certification.


  • However, there is another way to obtain a Marriage Certificate, that is when you do not wish to register for a Court Marriage — you are either already married to your spouse through a religious ceremony, or you are planning to get married through one soon, without going through the entire process of a court marriage to follow along. This can be termed under the MCGM Marriage Registration procedure post the religious solemnization of marriage.


For both scenarios, we have mapped it right out and below for you the steps that you can take to get that Certificate of Marriage for you and your partner.


1.  Obtaining a Marriage Certificate through a Court Marriage Registration Thane

This first way is one of the least complicated ways to obtain a marriage certificate, post the solemnization of your marriage in the court of law.

  • Any couple getting married through a court marriage procedure in India, does so through following the Special Marriage Act of 1954.
  • Since, the preceding steps to this process have already had the pair complete all processes of registrations, signatures, and applications, solemnization of marriage here becomes the second last step to obtaining a marriage certificate.
  • The Certificate of Marriage can generally be collected within a week after the process of solemnization from the Registrar’s office at Thane. However, sometimes this might take a bit longer than usual.


When working with an agency, or consultancy, it helps take off the load of tediously following through with each step that goes into the 30 to 90+ days of the waiting period that a couple takes before the marriage registration; as well as helps you be relaxed with the ongoings of the legalities that go into obtaining your Marriage Certificate.


At ‘Court Marriage Registration Thane’ we help you build a hassle-free celebration around and for the most auspicious and special day of your life.


In case of any legal delays in obtaining a marriage certificate post one-week of solemnization, (or if someone needs to obtain a Marriage Certificate quicker than the usual) our team of experts know exactly the right way to help you get it done.


2.   Obtaining a Marriage Certificate post a religious solemnization of Marriage.

When trying to obtain a Marriage certificate after the marriage has already been solemnized under a religious premise, that can be done under the MGCM Marriage Registration procedure in Thane.

  • While the documentation procedure remains somewhat like a Court Marriage procedure, there are some intricacies that go into it, with case specificity, and the time by which the Marriage Certificate is required.


  • Although this procedure can be done online, having an agency or consultancy backup to streamline this process and obtain a Marriage Certificate within 7 days of Marriage registration, including the hassle of affidavits, and documentation, gets done in a matter of no time.


  • While you are just starting your newly married life, we do the background work for you. After 7 days of the Marriage Registration in the court of law, you receive through us the legal Certificate of Marriage issued by the Registrar of Marriage, under the Indian court of law, delivered right at your doorstep.


At Court Marriage Registration Thane, we help you fast forward through all these previously mentioned steps, to accelerate through the waiting period and the work that goes into it, as we take it all on to ourselves for you.


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